There are tips about the game of blackjack

Know when to draw

First of all, you need to understand that in blackjack, we are divided into “hard cards” and “soft cards” according to the cards you get. If the number of points you hold is 12-16 points, we call it “hard cards”, then play The first step is to wait for the dealer to draw. If the dealer holds 8 or more points, it means that if the draw is between 2 and 7, there is a high probability that the dealer will burst. On the other hand, if you have 12 or less, we call it a “soft hand”. At this time, when the dealer has only 2 or 3, you can bid bravely and have a high equity to win BJ.

Know when to split

Essentially, a split is a way to double your profit or loss. That’s why it’s important to know when to split. For players who are new to blackjack, splitting is usually a little difficult, but it is actually easier than it looks, but never split in this case, that is a pair of ten, a pair Five or a pair (J, Q, K) for a simple reason. Whether it is a pair of ten or a pair of (J, Q, K) add up to 20, which means that your chances of winning are very high. In this case, never split the cards, otherwise it will be easy to mess yourself up, and A pair of fives ensures that your board has a solid foundation, you won’t bust even if you have another top ten (J, Q, K), and most of the time your equity is pretty high.

Know when to raise

Double betting is the most classic and most important part of the blackjack game. In order to make the banker’s advantage work in your favor, you need to determine when you win to increase your chips, so when can you double bet? No round, what is the combination of the cards in your hand, as long as the two cards add up to 11 points, it is the best time to double bet because when you have no relevant points in the hands of other players, you will use 21 The odds of winning by point are 10, J, Q, K. There are four cards in a deck, and there are 128 cards in eight decks. Divided by 4 players, you have a 32% chance of winning with 21. Another situation is when you have 10 and the dealer only has 8 or less, it is also a good opportunity to double bet, usually in such a situation your winning rate is higher than your losing rate, so when there is a Don’t hesitate to double bet in the above two situations!

Start small and stick to it

When you play the blackjack game, the best way for beginners to learn is to look down. After all, it has been mentioned before that it only takes five minutes to learn the rules and gameplay of blackjack, but the accumulation of experience is The most critical factor in determining your success or failure. So at the beginning, it is recommended to start with small bets and observe, and there are nearly a hundred techniques or strategies for blackjack alone on the Internet. If you bet randomly at the beginning, then your chances of losing will be very high, and you You will start to distrust the game, so start with what you feel is OK, and gradually increase your confidence. If you are afraid of losing money, then you may not be suitable for voslot blackjack, or any table game.

Because blackjack is a set of mathematical logic, research based on statistics says that as long as you keep playing the 21 game for a long time, once the time is enough, your total bonus should exceed the loss, so no matter what happens, you must insist on your own. Strategy, don’t lose the big because of the small, maybe you have a chance to win in the next hand but you give up the chance to bet.

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