Baccarat Casino Advantage

What is the “house edge” of baccarat? This seemingly professional term needs to be explained first. Fully understanding its meaning will help you develop sharp thinking ability when you walk in the casino, and have a decisive influence on judging which gambling game is not suitable for you.

“Casino Advantage”: The gambling game has been going on for a long time, the gambler and the casino have won and lost countless times, and the casino can make a stable profit. In another direction: the percentage of the gambler must lose. Example of voslot baccarat teaching: (Baccarat: 6 decks and 8 decks) In the table, using 6 decks and 8 decks, the “house advantage of the banker” is 1.06%, which means: after a long period of In the “total betting amount” of all gamblers, the casino can earn 1.06 yuan from 100 yuan; 106 yuan from 10,000 yuan; 1.06 million yuan from 100 million yuan ; and so on. No matter who loses or who wins, gamblers come and go, after a long period of gambling, the amount that all gamblers push to the table, its “total amount” multiplied by 1.06%, which is the profit of the casino.

Does “House Advantage” Affect Gamblers’ Profits?

The “House Advantage” of “Ratio Size” is 2.73%; the “House Advantage” of “European Roulette” is 2.7%; the “House Advantage” of “Baccarat” is 1.06%. Although the props of these three games are different (dice, steel balls, poker), they are essentially one-on-one games, either left or right, if you guess right, you will get money, and if you guess wrong, it will be confiscated!

Which of these three casino protagonists is more suitable for you and me?

Almost all gambling articles will advise readers: Don’t touch the games with high “casino advantage”, and participate in those games where the casino makes a lot of money, it will only make you like a frog boiled in warm water, slowly being stewed into a table by the casino Serving delicious food without knowing it.

Not so in my opinion!

Baccarat “Zhuang Zuo 5%”; Roulette “Zero Takes All”; Ratio “Three Same Points, Surrounding Dice, Big and Small Takes”, these are all profit-making mechanisms for casinos, and it is not negotiable. We have nothing to say. However, whether you are an occasional tourist, or a professional gambler who plans to stay with the gaming table for a long time, the difference in the level of “casino edge” will not affect the chance and amount of winning for the gambler. The tourists who occasionally come to join in the fun are almost all looking for short-term excitement. They hit and run. Of course, they don’t care which gambling casino is more beneficial. There is no long-term problem. If you are a professional gambler, you must face a long-term “water loss”. However, the “house advantage” will not make the gambler more disadvantaged. In the same way, those who can win will win, and will not win less.

In conclusion

In one-on-one baccarat games, casinos can never let you catch the patterns and trends, and gamblers can’t find a way to “increase the number of wins”. Sometimes we lose in a daze, and sometimes the lucky stars are shining brightly. The unbalanced situation controls almost all the processes. Casinos are not always winning every time. One stroke, one hit at the casino, and everyone else comes and goes. Do you care whether the “casino edge” is 1% or 2%? I don’t even care if I give him 3%!

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