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Sport Betting

Different types of sports bets

VOSLOT casino offers betting backing on sports, horse racing, and more. Betting backing is offered for a range of different sports. When it comes to betting on sports, there is nothing worse than not knowing what you are doing and so below that you will find some general guidelines for how to bet with a sportsbook.

Straight bet

Straight bet, sometimes simply referred to as a “straight” is the most common type of sports betting. To place a straight bet will require you to pick the winner of the game and all of the scoring that may occur in that game. A single or double digit number will be set which is known as a betting line. You will have to choose whether to place your money on the favorite or on the underdog.

Total Line Bets

What is the total line? The total line is a number set for the combined final score of both teams in a game. It can come in many varieties, such as over/under and half-time/full-time. Overs and unders refer to whether one team will score more than (or less than) the set number when combined with the opposing team’s score.

Point Spreads

A point spread wager is a bet that’s made on a participant in a sporting event to cover the number of points indicated by the wager. This is also commonly referred to as a point spread bet. The number of points depends upon the type of sport being wagered on, with more significant numbers being used for matches that have more scoring opportunities such as an NFL football game, and smaller numbers being used for sports that don’t involve as much scoring, such as tennis.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a way of making a match more even by handicapping one team to start stronger and fade later in the game so that the other team gets the chance to win. The bookies will give one team an advantage so that the odds in the match are less obvious, they call this a handicap. The Bookies have to give the underdog some kind of advantage to make it fair and encourage people to bet.


We’re all familiar with betting on who will win a game, but did you know you can also bet on how many points, goals, or runs will be scored? Totals/Over-Unders allows you to bet on the total points, goals, or runs of an entire game. So whether your team scores higher or lower than the spread you choose, there’s money to be made.