6 ridiculous lies of blackjack

Blackjack is full of omniscience. These players make their own assumptions about how the game works, and then pass this “knowledge” on to others. The worst types are those who realize they have no clue but still continue to act like they know everything. These players can even be considered liars. If you like burning money, it’s okay to follow badly misinformed players. But if you focus on winning, you’ll see through their lies and get to the truth very well. Read on as I discuss the 6 most ridiculous blackjack lies. These lies cover everything from basic strategy to card counting.

1 – Blackjack has the lowest house edge

Blackjack is known for its extremely low house edge. I’ve read many articles that say blackjack has a house edge of about 0.5%. This number is undoubtedly the best in casino games. Only certain video poker variants can compete with such a low house edge. Rules may vary from table to table. Each rule has an effect on the blackjack house edge. The goal is to choose tables that have player-friendly rules and offer better chances of winning. However, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve his goals. Brick and mortar casinos are especially bad at including unfavorable blackjack rules. Many land-based gaming tables have a house edge of around 2%. While this number isn’t terrible in the overall game plan, it’s not what most players expect. Finding a blackjack table with a house edge of less than 1% is the ultimate goal.

2 – Blackjack strategy is intense

Some blackjack players claim that basic strategies are difficult to master. They will cite the many decisions that have to be made throughout the meeting. Indeed, a blackjack strategy involves many decisions. Depending on your score and the rules of the game, you can also double up, split or surrender. These options further add to the complexity of the blackjack strategy. But this strategy is only superficially difficult. Just get the blackjack strategy chart and you can make things easier. These color-coded guides show every decision you should make based on your score and the dealer’s cards. I recommend you start playing voslot online blackjack for free or real money with a strategy chart on the side. You have unlimited time to make decisions at an online casino, which makes it the perfect way to memorize and apply your blackjack strategy. Of course, you can also learn the game in other ways. The internet is full of articles and YouTube videos on the subject. However, it’s no easier than using a chart. Just google “blackjack strategy chart” and look at the “images” section to find one of these resources.

3 – Other blackjack players can make you lose money

Many experienced blackjack players get frustrated when another gambler lets them lose a hand. They might leave the table afterward, or even curse each other for their poor performance. This is most common when a bad player is sitting on third base (the seat to the right of the dealer). Third base moves ahead of the dealer, and it looks like they have a huge impact on the game.

4 – The card counter makes huge profits

I just determined that card counting isn’t too complicated. Counting cards does not guarantee the path to wealth. The idea that you can make huge profits by counting cards is another lie of the movie. This advantage technique won’t give you a big advantage. Even as a skilled counter, you only have a 0.5% to 1.5% advantage over the casino.

Here is an example showing how much money you can expect to make per lot with this advantage:
During the entire play period, your average bet amount is $500.
You play 80 hands an hour for 5 hours (400 hands).
You bet a total of 200,000 yuan (400 x 50).
You have a 1% advantage.
In theory you would make $20,000.

Most people will be very happy to make $20,000 for five hours of work. However, blackjack is by no means a normal job. For most jobs, you are guaranteed to be paid for your work. Card counting is different, though, because you lose almost as many times as you win. A 1% advantage is almost nothing. The casino has this advantage, or better, and still loses to a lot of players every night. You need a lot of money to survive the ups and downs of card counting and to your advantage. If you don’t have a lot of money to play blackjack, you’re betting on card counting.

5 – You can get good combos with blackjack

Blackjack is a popular game among high rollers. Given that these gamblers gambled a lot of money, they were compensated lavishly. Many gamblers hear these stories, or even read articles about them, and think that blackjack is a great way to earn bonuses. But the opposite is true. House edge is one of the main aspects that casinos take into account when determining how much a player will win. Generally, games with lower advantages offer fewer rewards. Players are lucky if they are compensated 0.05% of the total bet. This makes people need to bet tens of thousands of yuan to get tens of yuan in rewards.

Here is an example:
You bet a total of $50,000 in blackjack.
The compensation rate is 0.05%.
50,000x 0.0005 = $25 compensation
You should never gamble just to get a reward. Compensation doesn’t come close to making up for theoretical losses.

6- You should have won

Blackjack sees you winning nearly half of the total hands you play. This winning percentage makes it feel like you’re unlikely to be on a losing streak for a long time. However, some players take this idea too far and claim that they should win after losing a few hands in a row. They think blackjack owes them a favor. The odds do not change because you are on a winning or losing streak. Instead, they remain exactly the same on the next hand.

In conclusion

Listening to blackjack players who don’t know what they’re talking about is a quick way to lose money. Instead, you want to learn strategies for yourself and avoid relying on lies made up by other gamblers. For starters, you need to realize that not all blackjack games are created equal. Look for tables with good rules that allow you to face the lowest possible house advantage. By using a good strategy, you can especially improve your chances of winning. All you need to do is Google a blackjack strategy chart to get the perfect guide. You might even fall so in love with blackjack that you start counting cards. This technique of using your strengths is not difficult to learn. However, realize that it does require a lot of practice and a lot of money. Whatever you do in blackjack, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you “should have won.” Not only is this line of thinking wrong, but it can also lead you to make bigger bets under the assumption that you will win. Also keep in mind that blackjack is not the best game for competition. It has a lower house edge, resulting in less generous casino rewards. In conclusion, blackjack is not as difficult as one might think. You just need to spend a little time learning the strategy and other aspects of the game.

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