Teach you how to crack casino live baccarat

Baccarat cracking is definitely not a game project that can be profitable for a long time only by inspiration and luck. Although some people have made a fortune in baccarat in a short period of time, usually after the sweetness has been tasted, they will I can’t stop and want to make money from baccarat all the time, but the end result is to spit back the money that I originally won with baccarat, so ah~ you have to know that the shorter the time, the more you win, and in the end you have to spit it out. There will be more people going back, why? Because people always think about flipping the book and believe that it’s okay to lose money for a while, so they will continue to gamble. When you regret it…you have no chance to turn back.

About Online Baccarat

Now that the information on the Internet is more and more developed, we no longer have to go to the casino to play baccarat. Searching for online casinos on the Internet will have a lot of online baccarat to play, such as: voslot, in order to get the best of baccarat The trust of music players has also grown from the earliest computer dealing cards and robotic arm dealing cards, to now advocating real dealing cards and real baccarat, so that all players believe that online casinos are absolutely fair. But today, from the basic concept of baccarat, live baccarat may seem fair, but in fact, live baccarat hides a trap that is more terrible than “unfairness”.

What is the difference between live baccarat and casino baccarat

In terms of basic rules, live baccarat and casino baccarat are the same, and the difference is only a few things. The first point is that if you want to change tables in the casino, you have to move your feet to other tables, but real people In baccarat, you only need to move your finger and swipe to change the table. The second point is that if you don’t bet on the same table, you will be kicked out, and you can only continue to watch the game at the table to enter the game, but In live baccarat you won’t be kicked out even if you don’t bet, but if you are kicked out, you won’t be able to see what the next bet will be like. However, live baccarat looks very similar to casino baccarat, and they also claim that their online casino is very transparent so that you think there is no possibility of cheating, but in fact online casinos are not Really cheating, online baccarat is just designed with probability, and it is not just baccarat, even real blackjack, you can play computer comfortably in front of a computer or mobile phone, and the system will actively provide various cards. Lu, don’t be afraid that you use pen and paper to count cards, because live baccarat does not require cheating, as long as you draw 2 Aces and replace 2 Kings in the composition of the 8 decks of cards, you can generate enough money in the game. Shake the changes of ghosts and gods and heaven and earth.

How to crack live baccarat?

At the beginning, you must have a serious, real-life baccarat money-making target, usually amateur gamblers, not professional gamblers who even know how to see the way. Amateur gamblers will always be brick and mortar casinos and online entertainment. City’s largest client. Besides, the rules of the banker and the player’s outs in baccarat are different, so the card “4” is the easiest to change the probability of. When there are more 4s, it is easier to open banker. It will be easier to open the player. For ordinary amateur players, it will not be easy to find out that the number of 4-player cards has increased, and in psychology, amateur players also prefer to press the player more than the banker. When you see this, you may feel that Otherwise, the banker will be suppressed! But the fact is that if the probability of a deck has not been changed, at least 16,000 decks of cards will be played before the banker and the player will reach a stable value that is more in line with the original probability, that is, even if the probability of 4 is increased, a deck of 8 The deck of the second card can produce an average of 68 sets of valid results, so the dealer can only win 0.2-0.4 times more in a deck on average, So the overall changes to be captured are locked in the intuitive view section.

The usual algorithm for Baccarat cracking:

  1. The probability of long players is reduced. If you see 6 players in a row, you can kill dragons. If you have a lot of chips today, you can start to kill from 5 players in a row. However, the probability of occurrence of players from 6 to 8 players is less than 4%. That is, if you cut 100 times, you will succeed 96 times.
  2. When there are more than 6 consecutive double jumps (player, player, banker, banker, player, player), the probability of breaking the player and adding banker will increase with the number of double jumps, and the probability will increase after 6 times. It will reach 75%. It can also be said that when you press the banker immediately after 6 double jumps, you will have a 75% chance of winning, but even if you fail, the chance will be as high as 80 when you press the banker next time. %, and the combined success rate of the two is 95%, which means that you will succeed every 100 times. If the 6th double jump is a player, then your success rate will reach 99% in the 7th time.
  3. If “player wins – banker wins” is greater than 12 in a deck of cards, the probability of banker winning at this time is twice the probability of player winning. At this time, you can press banker every hand, and every 3 hands can be If you win 2 hands, and the number is greater than 14, the banker’s chance of winning is 3 times higher than that of the player. As long as you raise after losing 2 hands in a row, you will have a 97% chance of staying undefeated, that is, a 73% chance of winning.

How can Baccarat crack win? Because the table can be changed?

After reading the last chapter, you must think wow, you can make money this way! Or it is the same as not talking about it! But in fact, don’t forget, we are talking about live baccarat, the difference is that you click with your finger, and 2 hands will not be kicked out if you don’t bet, and the interval between each hand is 60 seconds, which is You have 120 seconds to see if there are any of the tricks mentioned above, and these tricks are too simple. No matter how stupid players are, they can find the answer in 120 seconds. Now there are so many complex casinos, like It is an online casino on the Internet. If you feel that there are not enough poker tables in one, switch to another one! You don’t even need to change members, it’s easier than opening a clone in an online game!

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