Why Blackjack Bankers Always Win? Show You 7 Reasons

Of course, the dealer doesn’t always win in blackjack, but many feel that the dealer wins a disproportionate number of times in blackjack. The basic rule of casino business is to only offer games with an “advantage”. The advantage of the house is baked into the game. But advantage does not guarantee that the dealer will always win. In the long run, the dealer should only win more chances than the perfect player. So what was given? The old adage “perception is reality” works on one level because the way you play the game is how you perceive it. But on another level, appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes players themselves are responsible for deceptive appearances. Here are 7 reasons why blackjack bookmakers always seem to win.

1 – The player may not have a sufficient understanding of probability

If you don’t want to count cards, then you don’t even have to worry about probabilities. A basic voslot blackjack strategy takes all of this into account. In blackjack, there are only two probabilities players should consider. The first and most famous is the theoretical return to the division between the player and the edge of the house. Contrary to what some players think, house edge does not predict how often the house will win. The house edge predicts how much money the house has. The assumption behind house edge is stake neutrality. Although the casino needs to win a lot in blackjack to get ahead, the difference between payout odds and odds of playing cards creates an advantage. In any gambling game, if the statistical probability of an outcome is 50-50, then the casino will pay odds less than 1:1. The only other probability the player needs to care about is the probability that the next card will help them. It doesn’t matter how many people are playing at your table. What matters is what’s left in the shoe when it’s your turn to take the cards.

2 – The number of hands you play per hour matters

If you go head-to-head with the dealer, you can complete up to 200 hands in an hour. If there are four other people at the table with you, each round will take longer. You will play fewer hands per hour. Just use basic strategies for the house and you will lose money over time. The game is designed to pay slightly less than the true probability allows. Therefore, the more cards you play, the more likely the dealer will “win” your money. You should still win a lot of hands against the dealer. The strategy of the house is a long game. The more cards you play, the more likely they are to keep some or all of your bankroll.

3 – Bad gameplay gives the house a “hidden” advantage

Casinos rely on most players making mistakes or wrong calls. An inexperienced player made the wrong call. An experienced player who should know better will make mistakes. Either way, you’re more likely to win the house if you hit or stand when you shouldn’t. If you split when you shouldn’t, you’re more likely to win the house. Not bad if you miss a split, but you can win two or more in a favorable split. Player strategy usually enhances the banker’s strategy. The house is played according to a very simple rulebook when you decide your strategy. The House strategy will never change. Picture a guy dancing in a boxing ring, trying to show off, while the dealer waits to punch him in the face. Your opponent won’t go anywhere, try to do flashy moves, or hide anything. He’s just waiting for you to do something stupid. With few exceptions, players sometimes make it easy for the dealer by using the wrong strategy.

4 – The house undercuts your advantage

If you count your cards the way most people recommend, you will raise and lower your stakes in a predictable way. It’s like jumping up on a table, waving your arms, and yelling “Hey, I’m counting cards!” This strategy might have worked well in the 1960s, but today’s casinos just shuffle the cards. All your counting is a waste of time and energy. That’s why card counters love teamwork. They can be more subtle, although casinos are still looking for coordinated games. A continuous shuffling machine can ruin card counting forever. If not, bigger shoes and the option to reshuffle at will would make card counting not a less rewarding strategy for most players. If it looks like the house is winning more than you think, it may be that you are counting cards poorly or unnecessarily.

5 – Are you tipping the bookmaker?

When you leave a tip, the dealer is actually the winner. While this is considered a polite habit and one that I practice myself, it can make it harder for you to succeed. I limit tipping to when I leave the table. I have seen some players split the winnings with the dealer on big bets. Assuming this is perfectly legal, it will still reduce the player’s winnings.

Smiling blackjack dealer giving card – hand holding dollar bills
Whether you tip the dealer or not, if you tip the dealer, the dealer wins. These tips help casino employees pay their bills. I’ve seen some people object to tipping because it “supports the system”. I don’t think it’s fair to push casino employees into a moral quagmire. Tip or don’t tip, but tipping will cost you money. It does affect your win-lose ratio, which is proportional to how often and how much you tip.

6 – Did the bookmaker give you bad advice?

I’ve played a few tables where the dealer answers the players’ questions. Blackjack dealers don’t have to be expert players. They follow only one strategy. If you have a friendly bookmaker sharing advice, he or she may be well-meaning, but that doesn’t mean they know the best strategy. I have never questioned the integrity of a blackjack bookmaker. But they may introduce progressive betting options. If you want a guaranteed way to increase your house edge in blackjack, choose a progressive bet on one side.

7 – Are you using a betting system?

Sooner or later someone will be sitting at the table and getting the betting system ready. Card counters raise the stakes when they think the deck is in their favor, but I’ve seen other wagering systems. One person alternates betting. He hits $25 in one hand and $50 in the other. If he plays the perfect strategy, it should be fine. When you talk to people about betting strategies, someone always comes up with the martingale system. The strategy is simple. Only make the minimum wager until you lose, then double your bet on your next wager to win back what you lost. Martingale systems require a steady stream of money, luck, or both. I have never met a great blackjack player who believes in the betting system. The best players I sit next to have fixed stakes, they always play and stick to their game.

In conclusion

One of the most important things in Casino is managing your expectations. The more you expect to win, the bigger your disappointment will be. When people let their expectations get out of hand, they try to make up for the disappointment with risky bets. I was one of those guys who got really upset and he started making aggressive bets. When you stop caring about how well you play, you should leave the table. You can always go back later when you feel better. The only way a house won’t win is if you enjoy yourself and stay on a budget. Investing $200 in a casino is no different than buying a $200 concert ticket. If it’s all about fun and you’re having fun, the house can’t take it away from you.

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