Is there the safest way to play baccarat?

Is there the safest way to play baccarat? What trick can travel the world? There are actually many types of baccarat insurance betting methods that can be found on the Internet, which makes people eager to try, but they are afraid of being hurt. After our in-depth research, this principle is actually like the so-called hedging in investment. Behavior, we believe that baccarat insurance gameplay should be more adaptable, and about how to insure bets, what is the difference between odds and returns, etc., here is this article to introduce to you.

How should the baccarat insurance bet amount be calculated?

Now let me explain to you, first of all, after you bet in baccarat and get the points ahead of your opponent, you can bet according to the prescribed ratio, for example, voslot baccarat will add an additional insurance bet amount , is to make this game more diversified, so the bettor can judge according to whether he is betting on the banker or the idler, and see if he wants to buy “banker insurance” or “player insurance” to reduce the opponent’s fight. The risk of winning your own bet in full.

Under what circumstances can Baccarat buy insurance?

First, “banker insurance”

When the point of the banker’s first 2 cards is greater than the player’s point, such as when the banker’s points are 4, 6, 6, and 7 greater than the player’s 0-5 points, then the player needs to draw out cards, and the banker will reduce the opponent’s The risk of winning after gambling, so you can buy “banker insurance” in the baccarat game at this time, and the minimum betting unit is 10,000 units, which means that the highest bet is to lose the original banker and player. The amount of the bet is the standard. Assuming that the player wins the last game, the “banker insurance” bet wins, if the banker wins, the “banker insurance” loses, and if the result is a draw, ” banker insurance” note and.

Second, “player insurance”

When the last point of the player is greater than that of the banker, then the banker needs to play cards, and the player can bet to buy “player insurance”. In this case, if the banker wins in this situation, then the “player insurance” bet wins. If it is If the player wins, the “player insurance” bet loses, but if it is a draw below 8 points, it will be a “player insurance” bet. Here, it is important to pay special attention to the assumption that the player’s festival point after three cards is 9, the result is still a tie by the banker betting, so even the “player insurance” bet wins.

Third, another “banker insurance”

There is also another way of playing “banker insurance”, that is, when the player’s last point is less than the banker, then the banker needs to play cards, and the banker’s guests can bet “banker insurance”, assuming the game is If the player wins, the “banker insurance” bet wins, and if the result is that the banker wins, the “banker insurance” bet loses, but if the result is a tie with more than 1 point, the “banker insurance” bet, but when the player is on the third card When the total number of points after the card is 0, and the banker betting is also zero, the “banker insurance” bet wins.

Baccarat insurance play? There is no one trick to conquer the world, adaptability is king! The above play methods can be described as extremely rich and diverse, and the fun of each bet is intriguing. It is recommended that you often judge and practice more, and buy a good baccarat insurance for yourself!

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