Some tips to improve your online blackjack memory

Blackjack is a card game that combines strategy and attention. The voslot has little room, which makes all its difference with the online slot machine. To play blackjack and give the best of yourself, having a good memory is an undeniable asset. Discover in this article how to train your memory yourself in order to become a blackjack beast.

Mastering the rules of blackjack: an imperative

The fundamental rule of blackjack is to play against a dealer without exceeding 21 points. During a game, the player starts with two cards. At each subsequent turn, he draws new cards while avoiding exceeding the 21 points fatal to his bet. He can also, depending on the evolution of the game, not ask for any card. This game requires good concentration, which is far from the case for the online slot machines that you will find on voslot for example. Once the rules have been mastered, there is also the notion of strategy which allows you to increase your chances. And who says strategy says memory training, especially if you opt for card counting. On the other hand, to play a real money online slot machine game, chance is the main element that intervenes in the outcome of the results.

What good is a good memory in blackjack?

To train your memory, you must begin to identify how you will need it when playing blackjack. One of the rules of this game (the rules are more or less numerous, which is not really the case with the best online slot machines) is that cards that have already been played do not appear again until the end of a game. . Knowing exactly the cards still in play is in fact the key to putting the odds on your side. And to do that, you have to train your memory to remember the cards.

You will have to create a mental map in your head and put each of the cards in the deck into it. You can use visualization and think of the cards as prisoners within their cells. Each time a card is played, the cell door opens and the prisoner (the card) escapes and so on. You can also use the mnemonic and associate each of the cards with an object or a person. Find simple and obvious examples so you don’t forget them.

Practice again and again

Once you have a good command of your technique, it will be time to face a real game of blackjack. You don’t need to spend your money for this. Identify an online casino with fun mode. These sites offer free slot games and blackjack among many others. Play for free as many times as it takes. Stay focused and able to unroll your mind map or mnemonic trick until the end of the game. The process should take you some time, but very soon with perseverance you will see the results.

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