Master 4 Concepts to Win Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular gambling games in casinos today. In addition to the game itself being simple and easy to play, it is also a game with fair odds, so its popularity in casinos around the world remains high. Of course, even in a simple game, there are some basic concepts and gameplay skills that players must know. The following will list 4 basic concepts, let you move faster towards the road of professional players!

1.How many chips should I prepare?

Before playing baccarat, perhaps players will hesitate again and again: how many chips should be prepared for each game? According to the long-term research and experiments of experienced baccarat players, the ideal chip is “12 units”. This helps players to set the method of cutting the game in advance. If there is no fixed wagering plan, I am afraid that players will easily be unable to extricate themselves in the game if they play by feeling.
How much should the bet be set? Here is a suggestion: “minimum bet amount” * 12 * 6 = the minimum betting book to be prepared for each trip. Suppose you start from 100 yuan, then 100126=7200 yuan will be your gambling capital. There is no scientific basis for this “6 games of gambling money”, it is only an experience after playing baccarat for a long time. It’s not that you can win without losing if you have 6 chips, but you can use these 6 opportunities to turn a defeat into a victory. Remember, unless you’re only using the casino for entertainment, it’s a good idea to have 6 games, too much or too little.

2.Bank, Player? Or lose, win?

Many players know that the most basic way to play baccarat is to bet on the banker and the player to win, but here it is recommended to use only “lose and win” as a record, and don’t care about the opening results of “banker and player”. why?
First of all, the reason why baccarat has a place in the casino is that it relies on the opening results of “banker” and “player”. But in the eyes of dealers, it is different. In their thinking, there are only two logics of “lose” and “win”. Therefore, if the player is willing to change the angle and only look at the opening result in terms of winning and losing, not the banker, it can remove a lot of noise and make each bet easier for you.

3.The Myth of “Cable”

“Cable” is one or more sets of pre-determined data (bet), which provides the basis for players to adjust their bets when winning or losing. Among them, the most famous and absurd “cable” should be “Martingale”! In the teaching of many articles, it is told: play in this way, and one day you will win! But is there any consideration behind this, what are the chances of going bankrupt if you lose before you win? So here’s a word: Cable is just a psychological sustenance and illusion for players to take shortcuts to win money. If you really want to win, “overweight” is the best rule!

4.Lock in profits

The so-called lock-in profit is to put the winning money into your pocket, and then run the game again. So when should you lock in your profits? It is suggested that if a bet is “12”, the goal is to hope to earn “+18” or more at the end of the 20th time.

But unless a lot of profit has been accumulated in the last big game, it is difficult to reach +18 in the first half. Therefore, the opportunity to lock in profits almost always occurs in the third and fourth small rounds. The reason why baccarat can win big money is definitely “it must rely on a certain overall situation to improve step by step”. The first half is almost used to accumulate energy, rather than aggressively attacking.

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