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For many people, free tournaments are a way to find ways to accumulate money through bonuses or actual cash prizes. Every online site offers them, the expenses vary, but most are a minefield for players to get through. There are a variety of players, from the safest beginners to experienced casino veterans who are rebuilding. There are also opportunities to practice the game and make some contributions to your efforts. If you know the game and are ready to play poker for cash, but don’t want to lose your savings, then the free online tournaments are a great way to start.

As a new player, you will be spending your time and effort here for a very small return. You can learn and start perfecting your strategy in these tournaments before joining cash or bounty tournaments. If you do well in these starter tournaments, then you can start playing in higher value tournaments that may require a buy-in, but remember, it is always possible to beat other players here if you use your resources effectively.

Most players enter these tournaments with one of the following three mindsets.

1) “Freeroll Madness” – Playing against two players at the same time in a one-on-one game is a popular choice in most poker tournaments. When you sit down at the table and see only two players listed, it means you are playing against two other players, and when the tournament starts, you immediately get action from the player with 3.3 million chips and the player with 2M chips, so watch out for your opening raise.

2) “Tournament Practitioners” – These free tournaments often attract players who are new to the game but also want to have fun. Some people look around online for freerolls, and the chances of winning some money or prizes are usually better than simply joining a poker club or playing online. These types of players don’t like to lose money in freeroll poker tournaments, and you should take advantage of them at this point. Players are players who will build their chips, attack when necessary, and usually at least for the first hour or so of a freeroll unless they have met the person in a previous tournament schedule.

3) “The Funsies” – These are people who are there to get into the poker game just for the fun of it. You can say they are there for fun because they are the most interesting people you will find at your table during the tournament. You can never know exactly who these people are, including what cards they hold, how they play, or otherwise. This is also a great way to socialize with the most interesting people you can find at your table during tournaments, but they can be the most dangerous type because they are only there for the camaraderie of the game and have the ability to take you out when the cards get hit.

Playing free games can develop bad habits and game styles. Prevent this from happening by learning to be disciplined in your patience and abilities. The best way to hone your skills is to play a lot of poker. However, if you spend hard-earned cash, you will have a hard time optimizing your learning process. The danger of free games is that you will develop bad habits and game styles that you don’t normally develop in cash games. You know you’re holding an A-5 flush is not a good play, but damn, if the cards are right, you’ll have a solid flush.

If you are a beginner in tournament poker, don’t let the experience of playing in a free tournament scare you. Play with the same skill and intensity as you would against a live opponent. Just because you play for free doesn’t mean you should give up your game. The game is the same; pay attention to your opponent’s style of play and carefully consider how often they play and how aggressive they are. There are many ways to practice, my favorite is to play in free games. I know, it’s not the same as “winning a tournament”, but when no one is playing for real money and you have nothing to lose, use that time as a training ground for your game. Play like you would in a cash tournament; something, no matter how small, is at stake and worth the effort.


If you’ve always thought poker was a fun game, but you don’t know where to start, practicing in free tournaments is a great way to get your feet wet and get great value at the same time. Playing free poker allows you to learn the ins and outs of the game in a comfortable environment. Plus, you’ll get a lot of extra hands, so you’ll be better prepared for the problems you’ll face when you play in the big tournaments. If you want to learn how to play Texas Hold’em, free poker tournaments are a great way to get started. People enter free poker tournaments for different reasons; some may want to become good at the game and be willing to put in the time and effort, while others just want to have fun with their friends and colleagues. Most tournaments are scheduled when there are fewer people playing online, so it’s easier for you to get into the game, which means you can basically start playing right away.

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