Ali Baba jili slot game review

Play Ali Baba’s slot game to explore a royal palace and its surrounding gardens. Discover huge wins with magical symbols and gemstones that trigger cascades of wins. Discover secret treasures with hidden Ali Baba icons on the reels, and unlock the legendary treasure chest in the bonus game.



How To Play:

  1. Bet line wins pay if in succession starting from the leftmost reel to right according to paytable.
  2. Only the biggest payout is considered for each payline .
  3. Winnings = Bet x Pay.
  4. In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of the game to be undecided, the game round will be invalid.

Treasure Chest Multiplier Symbols

  • During the game, only X1 will appear. Before you win the prize, collect and accumulate the multiplier of one or more treasure chest symbols on the board and multiply it by the winning score of that elimination, until you can’t eliminate it.
  • In the free game, X1~X4 will be randomly determined by the reel! Regardless of whether there is an elimination, the multiplier of one or more treasure chest symbols on the board can be collected and accumulated until the end of the free game.
  • When the board is reset (eliminated), the treasure chest multiplier symbol will also be eliminated along with the skyfall.

Free Game Take a Bet and Spin the Wheel!

  • Before entering the free game, the multiplier of the treasure chest is randomly determined by the reels! The result of the selection determines the multiplier of the treasure chest symbol in the free game, even up to X4!
  • The selected multiplier will also be used as the starting cumulative multiplier for the free game!

Maximum Payline is 32400 megaways.

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