Learn the popular Indian card game Teen patti

Teen patti is a solitaire game from India. You can play it anytime, anywhere with real players from all over the world! Join with your friends, family or thousands of live players at any time.Teen Patti is played between 2 and 8 players. The goal of the game is to have the best hand before the showdown and maximize the pool (prize pool) so you can win.

Ranking of the cards from high to low is:

  1. Trail (three of a kind) : 3 cards of the same rank. AAA is the best hand in the game. 2.
  2. Pure Sequence (Straight Flush): Three consecutive cards of the same suit.
    Sequence (Straight): Three consecutive cards not all in the same suit. 4.
  3. Color (Flush): A flush of 3 cards in the same suit, with the highest card winning in the case of a draw.
  4. Pair (two of a kind): A pair of 2 cards of the same rank. In case of a draw, the highest-ranking 3rd card will denote the winner. 6.
  5. High Card: When neither the dealer nor player has a pair, then the hand with the highest card wins.

Basic rules of the game

The game starts with a “lead”, which is the amount of money collected from the player, which is placed in the center of the table and grows as the game progresses. The dealer deals the cards counterclockwise and each player receives 3 cards.
Play as Teen Patty. Each player contributes start-up money and receives three face-down cards. Now it is the clockwise turn of the player next to the dealer. Players can choose to bet without looking at their cards (blinds) or by looking at their cards.
Blind Player. To be a blind player, you must not see your cards. If available you can choose to play Pack, Blind and Show. To play the blinds, place the amount of your bet in the pot. The amount of the blind is equal to the current bet or twice the current bet. If you are the first player, the current bet amount is the lead amount.

The rules of the Junior Patty show are as follows.

A show can only take place after both players have folded.
During a show, both players’ hands are exposed and the player with the higher hand wins the pot. If both hands are equal, the player who called the show loses.
At any time during the game, during your turn, you can ask the player who bet before you to juggle. That player can accept or reject the juggle.
If the juggle is accepted, the two players compare their cards and the lower ranked player in the Teen Patty sequence must immediately fold. If they are equal, the player who requested the juggle must fold.
If the juggling is rejected, betting continues as usual.

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