How to get started in online poker

Poker is a great game, and to the uninitiated it may even seem that the apparent simplicity of a hand of poker is what makes it so enjoyable. However, behind the casual appearance of the game lies a complex mathematical structure. In fact, the very essence of poker lies in this mathematical structure, which determines not only your chances of winning but also your long-term profits or losses.

  1. Pick the right site
    The most important decision in your poker career is choosing which site you want to play on. You should choose based on your skill level, bankroll size and the amount of time you can dedicate to playing poker. The higher your skill level is compared to your opponents’ levels and the bigger your bankroll is compared to the stakes you’re playing for, the more profitable you will be.
  2. Play at the right stakes
    There are plenty of fish at lower stakes but more sharks as you climb up the stakes ladder. I recommend playing only at stakes where you can still find some weaker players (i.e., less than 30% of the field). As soon as you feel like most players at your table are better than you, just move to another table.
  3. Note that online poker is not the same as real poker
    If you are not yet familiar with playing online poker games, it should also be noted that the casino games on which poker is based can be very dangerous for those who have never played them before. It is always better not to gamble at all if you are not completely sure what you are doing because of the seriousness with which the game is played.

It is also important for players to remember that when they start playing online poker, they will become part of a virtual world where their opponents have different personalities and reactions than real people would have.

So, find a good poker site and start practicing. Learning how to play Texas Hold’em is easy and fun and it shouldn’t take you long to master the basics. If you need some help along the way, there are plenty of websites offering free tips for beginners.

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