How to win blackjack easily

If the dealer and the player are playing a perfect game, it is mathematically impossible for either the dealer or the player to always win in a game of blackjack. It also depends on how you interpret the phrase “always win”. Is it possible to win every hand of blackjack without cheating? No, even if the other player made the worst choice (hit anything other than 21) on every hand. If both players draw 21, the push negates any win or loss. Based on this reasoning alone, the cheater must control the transaction to prevent other players from drawing blackjack. For the sake of fair discussion, I interpret “always winning” as “leaving the table with more money than you made”. I still can’t give any guarantees, but the following strategies can improve your chances of always winning at the table.

1 – Set hard limits on income

While card counting doesn’t work as magically as one might expect, you should see your win/loss ratio improve as you become more experienced with card counting. That’s why, despite all the precautions they take, casinos keep their eye on the card counter.
Even if you don’t count cards and rely only on “perfect games”, you must now protect your winnings once you’re ahead in the game. The basic idea of ​​good gambling practice is to only risk losing money you don’t mind losing. If you really want to get ahead, your thinking should become more conservative as you accumulate more money. Instead of changing your game strategy, which is why you’re ahead, give up before you win too much. How much is too much? If the pit boss is paying extra attention to your desk, it could be a sign that you should take a break.

2 – Practice every opportunity you get

Some of the world’s best blackjack experts say they practice memory for months before attending a Las Vegas casino. To be successful in blackjack, you need to remember two things – the rules of the game (including the rules of the table) and the best blackjack strategy for each card you receive. The basic rules of the game are easy to learn. Casinos add their own rules to limit players’ chances of success or limit their winnings. The change from a 3:2 payout to a 6:5 payout is an example of how casinos limit winnings. Whether you’re playing a free online game of voslot blackjack or practicing with a buddy who shows you index cards, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. You need to react instinctively to the cards on the table. You need to know what you can and should do in each situation. Losing money for months or years in a row is not achievable.

3 – Choose your table carefully

The standard advice that people followed 10, 15 or 20 years ago no longer applies because casinos have changed many of the old-fashioned blackjack rules. Old classic blackjack strategy books were a great resource at the time, but the world has changed. Choosing the best blackjack table can be easy. You can walk into a casino that still offers the base game. You may need to visit some casinos in your area to find the best games. Because finding a good table is so difficult, some players now prefer to play online blackjack. They can choose from a variety of casinos, and due to the high competition, online casinos offer many different blackjack variants. When you know the table rules to follow, they become part of your strategy, just like a casino strategy.

4 – Bet in a consistent pattern

Standard card counting techniques suggest that you should increase your bet when the deck is favorable. Because everyone shares this advice in books, video tutorials, and articles, it’s no secret to casinos. Changing your bet when the cards are favorable can lead to an unfavorable reaction from the casino – they shuffle the cards. While many card counters still embrace the practice, they admit it’s harder to win than it has been in years past. Solo players are less likely to win a lot of money compared to teams. Rather than trying to win as much as the team wins, be more consistent in your betting. A little subtlety in your pattern might give you the mental motivation you need to keep playing. How can you be consistent and subtle?

5 – Only play when there are few people

It’s more of a matter of personal preference. But after spending some time at the blackjack table, I found that the constant coming and going of people can cause havoc. That’s exactly why I stopped counting cards. If you want to socialize, you can chat if other players are willing to do so. But if your goal is to win, treat the game like your job. Do this work when you are least distracted. If you are a regular high roller, you may be able to request a private table. This is another reason why some people prefer to play online blackjack rather than at a casino. Whether it’s a live dealer table or a computer game, if you have your own table, you can play without interruption.

6 – Ignore extras in the game

You might want to play progressive blackjack or buy insurance. I’ve done both, but in the long run these game options will only drain your money away from you. Casinos offer extra options to make the game more fun, but they’re also chasing your money. Surrender is a fringe practice. If you have the option to surrender, some experts recommend that you only do so when the hand is clearly against you. Some casinos require a delayed surrender, which means you have to wait for the croupier to check the blackjack in her hand. Some games allow early surrender, which you can forfeit based on the cards you see in your hand and the dealer’s face card.
Some surrender articles speak in terms of probability. Should you really be sitting there calculating the probability of every hand? Not if you remember the strategy correctly. Your decision to surrender preserves the capital. You should consider what the face-up card shows, the dealer’s rule at the table (soft 17 or not), and the number of cards in the shoe (4 to 8).
If the dealer shows a 9, 10 or an ace, the player will usually surrender on a hard 16.
If the dealer shows a 10 or an ace, they usually surrender on a hard 15.
Some players criticized surrendering players. It’s your decision, not theirs.

In conclusion

As a player, you want to enjoy what you’re doing, even if you’re there to win. It’s hard to focus when you feel like every hand is against you. The psychological aspect of the game is important. Like going to work every morning, do you love your job? Unless you’re there as part of a team, you don’t have to keep playing if the game is no longer fun. Choosing to only play when you’re having fun builds your confidence. Confidence does not directly lead to victory, but when you have confidence, you are more likely to believe in your choices. Winning gives you confidence, but winning can be the result of random chance. Your work begins before your first bet. Study the rules, practice good strategies, and set a goal to achieve perfect play through intuition and experience. Whether you count or not, the better you play, the more likely you are to leave the table as a winner.

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