What is the difference between live baccarat and casino baccarat

The process of live baccarat seems to be the same as the casino baccarat, and it also strives to be transparent so that you don’t feel suspected of cheating. In fact, they really did not cheat, “but the probability is designed”, in fact, it is not just real people Baccarat, the same is true for real blackjack. It allows you to sit in front of the computer and listen to music and play cards comfortably. It also provides you with various directions, even if you are not afraid that you will take a pen and paper to record cards and count cards. Why are they so reckless? ? If it is said that watching the road and playing the cable is the crystallization of experience and statistics, live baccarat is the crystallization of science and magic. They don’t need to cheat, they only need to draw 2 Aces in a deck composed of 8 decks of cards. The top 2 kings can make the result turn upside down; of course, if you take into account the cheating method, for example, you only need to hide the deadly life-saving card in the front of the card box, as long as it shows that the betting of this deck of cards is too large. Take out the hidden cards to cheat, and force you to make up to 0 points.

Teach you to crack live baccarat

First of all, you have to realize that the profit target of live baccarat is mostly amateur gamblers like you, not professional gamblers who can see the way, because amateur gamblers will always be the biggest customers of casinos. So they don’t need to break the road deliberately, but when the odds change, the road must be easier to break. In addition, you must know a very important concept. Due to the different rules of banker and player outs in voslot baccarat, the easiest way to change the odds is For the card “4”, the more 4s are, the easier it is to open the banker, and the less 4 are, the easier it is to open the player. For ordinary players, except that the increase of the number of 4 is not easy to be found, most psychologically Amateur players like to bet more than banker, because the intuitive reaction is that players will want to play against the “banker” casino, and bet the player to win without being drawn 5% water money.

Seeing this, you may say, then you can’t beat the banker. In fact, when the deck has not changed the probability, it will take about 16,000 decks of cards before the banker and player will come to meet them. The stable value of the original probability, and even adding 4 changes the probability (I am not saying that the added card must be 4, but 4 can make the biggest change in the result, so we use the increase of 4 to calculate, if the increase or decrease is other numbers, change The odds are slightly more marginal), an 8-deck deck can produce an average of 68 valid outcomes (about 4-6 minus the cut cards), and the average dealer can only have more than one deck. 0.2-0.4 victories, such a change is insensitive to you.

The chance of long idle will be reduced. As long as you see 6 idle games, you will be brave to kill the dragon. If you have more chips, you can start from 5 games. From 6 games to 8 games, there is less than 4% of the occurrence rate. That is, if you cut 100 times, you will succeed 96 times.

When there are more than 6 consecutive double jumps, the probability of breaking idle and adding Zhuang will continue to increase with the number of double jumps, and it will reach about 75% after 6 times, that is to say, when the sixth In the second jump, you have a 75% chance of winning. Even if you fail, your success rate is as high as 80% in the next push, and the combined success rate of the two is 95%. If you press 100 times, you will succeed 95 times; if the 6th double jump is an idle jump, then you wait for the 7th time to start again, and the compound success rate at this time is nearly 99%.

When there is a deck of “player wins – banker wins” greater than 12, the probability of banker winning is about 2 times that of idle wins. You can win 2 hands, even if you lose, when the number is greater than 14, the probability of the banker winning is more than 3 times that of the idle win, which means that as long as you raise after losing 2 hands in a row, you have a 97% chance of not losing. , with a 73% chance of winning.

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