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“Buy leisure as soon as you enter the door, and you will be safe and free from danger.” This is a witty line in the game movie. Many Hong Kong movies like to intersperse some casino fights. “Baccarat” can be said to be the most common gambling game for no other reason – simple. A person is dealt two cards, out of cards, and the number of points is calculated to determine the outcome. However, the seemingly simple picture actually hides many details. If you just watch the excitement, it’s okay to have a little knowledge, but if you want to be a constant winner of baccarat, you must really understand the rules, so as not to know what’s going on if you lose, the following is a brief introduction to the rules of voslot baccarat.

Table role

The baccarat table has a number of seats for gamblers to sit on their own, and people standing on the sidelines can also place bets. It is a kind of gambling game that is easy to participate in in casinos. There is a banker and a player on the table. What is more special is that the dealer in baccarat is not necessarily the dealer. The gambler who sits at the gambling table, among which the banker or the player who has the largest bet, has the right to choose or designate any seated person who has a bet. Or the croupier will reveal the hole card (the standing bettors cannot move the hole card). Some casino tables have hole cards only revealed by the dealer (these are pre-determined at that table). Gamblers who are responsible for opening cards have a higher sense of actual participation than those who are simply punters, but not every gambler is willing to sit at the baccarat table because the stakes affect the outcome of other gamblers. Become the Banker or the Player.

Deal and Out

Baccarat generally uses 8 decks of cards, all of which are placed in the distribution box after shuffling. The banker and the player will receive two cards first in each round, the 1st and 3rd cards are dealt to the “player”, and the 2nd and 4th cards are dealt to the “banker”. Both sides can draw one more card at most, but whether the card can be drawn must be determined by the rules of the card, not by the gambler like blackjack. This is also because the baccarat opener can be arbitrarily designated, because each round The outcome of the game has already been determined according to the cards issued, and there is no room for technology and judgment.

Point calculation and outs

In the baccarat rules, regardless of the suit, the face of A is counted as 1 point, the face of 2 to 9 is calculated according to the number of points displayed, and the face of 10, J, Q, K is counted as 0 point (some casinos decide that 10 points). Add up the points of the first two cards and take the single digit as the point. For example, a 7 and a 9 add up to 16, and the single digit is 6; a 4 and a 3 add up to 7; if the two cards add up to a multiple of 10, it counts as 0 (also known as Baccarat). After the banker and the player have opened their cards, the points are calculated according to the rules of the card rules to determine the winner. In some cases, the winner can be directly determined according to the rules of the card rules. Card examples and outs rules are as follows.

The total of the two cardsPlayerBanker
0Draw a cardDraw a card
1Draw a cardDraw a card
2Draw a cardDraw a card
3Draw a cardIf the player’s third card is 8 points (the sum of the non-three cards, the same below), the banker does not need to draw, and in other cases, he needs to draw.
4Draw a cardIf the player’s third card is 0,1,8,9 points, the banker does not need to draw, and in other cases, he needs to draw.
5Draw a cardIf the player’s third card is 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, and 9 points, the banker does not need to draw, and in other cases, he needs to draw.
6No outs requiredIf the player needs to draw (provided that the player has 1 to 5 points) and the third card is 6 or 7, the banker draws a card, and otherwise does not need to draw.
7No outs requiredNo outs required
8Heaven card, no need to drawHeaven card, no need to draw.
9Heaven card, no need to drawHeaven card, no need to draw.

Remarks: A total of 8 or 9 points for either side of the banker and player’s cards is a natural card, and the opponent does not need to draw cards to immediately determine the victory (both sides hold 8 or 9 points for a draw); if both sides hold 6 or 7 points, it is also If both sides do not draw cards, the winner will be determined immediately (both sides hold 6 or 7 points as a draw).

Baccarat Betting and Odds

There is no strict limit on the number of bettors per baccarat table, but the minimum bet amount and maximum bet limit for a single game are generally set. Gamblers will be signaled to reduce their bets. Gamblers can bet freely to buy the banker to win, the player to win or a tie (Tie), and there are also special betting targets to buy “banker pair” or “player pair”. Various betting methods and payouts are as follows:

Betting methodOdds
Bet on the dealer to open the dealer to winNote 1 loses 1, and another 5% commission is deducted to the dealer
Bet the player to open the card and win the playerNote 1 loses 1
Betting and opening cardsNote 1 pays 8
Betting on a pair (that is, the banker or player dealt two cards with the same number or the same English letter)Note 1 pays 11

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