Notice! With these four bad habits, you will definitely lose in baccarat!

Bad Habit 1: Don’t Quit After Winning

Many people think that gambling relies on luck, and taking baccarat as an example, its winning or losing seems to be 50%, but the real mystery is in the baccarat game interface (especially the online version). After many people win, they want to continue to win more, but the more they lose, the worse their mentality becomes, and they lose their pants in the end. Let’s take an example, if the baccarat interface on the online route is controlled by writing code from the background, so that players think that there are millions of people betting online at the same time, and the party who is set to focus on loses more and wins less, even if the player is short If you win money in time, as long as you don’t close your hands in time, you will lose all of them in the end, or even more. Experienced players know that baccarat stores want to win when you lose money crazy, so I sincerely suggest that all players should “shrink and lose” is the secret to winning baccarat.

Bad Habit 2: Not Paying Attention to the Pumping %

I didn’t pay attention to the percentage of the rake (that is, the handling fee or the service fee). Some players are still used to playing baccarat at the brick-and-mortar casino store, because no matter how long you go in and do it, you won’t be kicked out if you don’t bet. Slowly wait until there is a chance to press again, and the refund of high-quality brick-and-mortar stores can be as high as 2.5%, which is impossible for many online casinos; if you want to play online, it is recommended to make more comparisons. It is important not to underestimate this small difference.

Bad Habit 3: Not Diversifying Risk

The concept recommended here is “Bondo wins”, which means how much gambling capital you have available, every time you take 1% of your book to bet, if you lose this hand, you go home, thousands of dollars. Don’t go to the ATM to collect money and continue to try to win. If you use this method, the store will not be able to earn your money. In short, to play baccarat is to have a calm heart, and you can also use the way of earning points to get feedback. As long as the mentality is good, the distance from winning will be getting closer and closer.

Bad Habit 4: Misbelief rumors

Here are a few misconceptions based on falsehoods. For example, some people think that if the banker has been out 9 times in a row, will the probability of the next one be higher? The answer is “no”, and the probability is still Zhuang: 45.860%, idle: 44.625, and sum: 9.516. The biggest harm that long dragons do to those who like anti-dragons is to destroy your mentality and make you lose faster. Some people also think that if you spot a bet, can you increase your winning rate? The answer is: no; for the same reason as point 1, because each deal is an isolated event. The last fallacy is this: Is it a good idea to target the idle time or keep it at bay to avoid being pumped? The answer is also not feasible.

Finally, some small benefits for everyone watching this article. It is rumored to be a scientifically verified method, but the effect does not guarantee a significant increase in the winning rate. In short, this method is somewhat similar to the blackjack card counting method. In baccarat, A-6 is favorable for the player, and 8-K is favorable for the banker, so you can count the number of cards A-6 and 8-k appear. If A-6 appears at this time The number is much larger than the number of 8-K cards, then bet big on the banker, and vice versa. According to the calculation, this method can increase the advantage by about 0.1%. Players are asked to evaluate whether to use it or not.

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