4 must-know baccarat bets

Baccarat is a simple and easy-to-play game, and it’s also easy to plan when it comes to money. Usually players only need to choose whether to bet on the banker, the player or the tie when playing baccarat, and then see if they bet right. Although the object of betting is very simple, many people have developed a variety of betting methods in terms of strategy. Today, I will introduce 4 betting methods that you must know when playing voslot baccarat. Let’s see which method is more suitable you!

PAROLI betting method

Baccarat Paroli betting method is a multiplier type of betting method. If the player wins, then the next round will double the chips; on the contrary, if the player loses, the original set bet amount must be returned. For example: Suppose the initial setting bet 1 yuan, if you win, you will bet 2 yuan in the next round, and then you will bet 4 yuan, and so on; but as long as you lose, the player must go back to betting from 1 yuan. Because the Paroli betting method is a multiple operation, it is more suitable for betting on the banker or the player, and it is less suitable for betting on a tie. The biggest purpose of this system is to prevent players from betting a large amount of money when they lose, which leads to bankruptcy, but also remember that if a player wins 5-6 consecutive games in a row, the bet amount must also be limited at this time. Get away from the table.

MARTINGALE betting method

Baccarat Martingale betting method is derived from a well-known game theory and is the most common betting method in baccarat games. This system is just the opposite of the Paroli betting method, which does not increase the bet when winning, but doubles the chip when losing, and does not return the initial bet until winning. The advantage of the Martingale betting method is that players can pre-calculate the amount of losses, and then decide whether they are willing to gamble; but at the same time, the risk of this system is very high, because casinos and casinos have limit betting limits, maybe players Even when they are still losing, they reach the betting limit and cannot get their money back. So players have to be very careful if they want to use this system.

1-3-2-6 betting method

The principle of Baccarat 1326 betting method is more interesting and complicated. Players bet 1 unit in the first game, if they win, they will bet 3 units in the second game, and if they win again, they will bet 2 units in the third game. If you have a winning streak, cast 6 units in the fourth inning. But if you lose, you have to get back 1 unit again. For example: Suppose the player initially wants to bet 1 yuan, then bet 3 yuan in the second game, 2 yuan in the third game, and 6 yuan in the fourth game. The purpose of the 1326 betting method is to allow players to quickly obtain a large amount of money in a short period of time during a winning streak, without losing too much money when losing. It is a slow and stable method of making money in baccarat. But be careful with this system, the ultimate goal must be to get 12 units of the stake, so it may take a long time to play. In addition, this system is more suitable for betting on the player, because if the banker wins, he will be ripped off, which will reduce the overall bonus of the player.

PARLAY betting method

Baccarat parlay betting is similar in strategy to parloli betting, and the purpose is to increase the player’s betting rate. The way the system works is to set an initial bet amount and, if you win, double the bet for the second round, so that the player gets the same amount as the initial bet and bonus. For example, assuming that the player initially bet 10 yuan, if he wins, he will get 20 yuan; the second game bets 20 yuan (the initial bet is 10, and the win is 10), and if he wins again, he will bet 40 yuan in the next game. And so on. If you lose, it will go back to $10. Maybe you have found that the risk of this system is very high! If you do not use it carefully, you may lose more money. So if you want to use this system, the best way is to leave the table as soon as possible when you are on a winning streak.

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