Baccarat five betting hearts will be reported to you at one time

Baccarat is a gaming game with the lowest casino advantage, and because of this, it has become one of the most sturdy games in gaming, but before you go to the table, you still have to talk to you about the so-called five hearts of betting, which may help You win the game!

The lowest house edge casino game – Baccarat

“Casino advantage” means that the winning rate of the casino is higher than that of the gamblers. In the casino, the expected value of the bet can be calculated for each game. The expected value of the bet refers to the amount that can be recovered for every 1 yuan bet. After subtracting the expected value of recovery from 1, it is Casino advantage. Baccarat does not kill this thing. If the game is drawn and the banker is overwhelmed, the chips will be retained, allowing players to continue to bet on the next one.

Baccarat has a better chance of opening bank than idle

I don’t know if you, as a player, have found out that in baccarat, betting on the player is not subject to a rake, on the contrary, betting on the banker will be subject to a 5% rake. In fact, that is because in baccarat, the probability of opening the banker is 45.9%, the probability of opening the player is 44.6%, and the rest is the probability of opening a draw, because the probability of opening the banker is inherently higher than that of the player. Therefore, the casino achieves fairness by balancing the expectations between the dealer and the player by taking a 5% commission from the dealer.

Don’t touch if you don’t understand draws and pairs

In baccarat, the house advantage and odds of a draw and a pair are different. The house advantage of a draw is about 14.44%, while the house advantage of a pair is 12.15%. When you choose a duck-tie or a pair, your betting expectation is only about 85% left, so you lose 10% before you bet. Therefore, if you are not an experienced player, it is recommended not to bet randomly.

If you are not familiar with the road, don’t touch it

Generally, players sitting at the voslot baccarat table are used to drawing a bunch of dots and lines that we can’t understand with a piece of paper. The opening situation of the next round, but in fact, if there is no inscrutable statistical skills and prediction ability, in fact, ordinary people can’t do it, so it is recommended to play less, unless you have gone through a lot of training.

Multiplier chips are the worst

Most people think that the multiplier betting method is: buy 1 yuan in the first game, 2 yuan in the second game, and so on. No matter whether you win or lose, it will be handled according to this logic, but in fact, there is a limit to the bet amount in the casino. There is no upper limit, and it is illustrated by the normal distribution in statistics. Losing five games in a row and winning five games in a row are within the normal range, so if there is no skill or random betting with a set of betting methods, you will lose money instead. getting bigger.
Therefore, when you start to study the betting methods of baccarat, don’t forget to refer to these five heart methods, which may open up a set of winning secret skills for you, and also allow you to avoid some common wrong bets and make money. the probability is greatly increased.

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