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Gem Party jili slot game review

Gem Party is a fun, fruity slot machine with five reels and 25 pay lines. A rolling wheel will determine how much you win at the end of each spin and help you earn big instant prizes.



How To Play:

  1. The game randomly allocates gems according to the layout of each level. If a gem combo within the game rules is formed, you win the payout according to the Paytable. The game continues to evaluate new gem combos until no more can be found.
  2. If special gems appear, they are eliminated first. Payline calculations will not begin until none is left.
  3. Lowest winning payline requirement for level 1: Match 4 of the same color. Lowest winning payline requirement for level 2 and 3: Match 5 of the same color.
  4. Match given number of upgrade gems to advance to the next level (level 3 is the final level).
  5. 1 upgrade gem eliminates 1 ice block.
    In level 2 (5×5), the 1st row of ice blocks from the left is eliminated.
    In level 3 (6×6), the 1st row of ice blocks from the right is eliminated.
  6. If the player leaves in the middle of a game, it is considered a voluntary give-up; The game resets to its initial state when the it is entered the next time.
  7. If player is playing in level 3(7×7)among and has activated the Rainbow Party once, the player can be decided whether to continue from level 3 (7×7) when player starts the game next time.
  8. Payouts = Pay x (Bet / 10).
  9. In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of the game to be undecided, the game round will be invalid.

Rainbow Party

Rainbow Gems
Only appears on 7×7 board (Level 3). It will replace few symbols randomly into one same symbols in this round.

Free Game

Heart Gem (SCATTER)

  1. Appear three or more Scatters at the same time that will gain 10 free spins.
  2. In Free Game, the payout for each combo is multiplied by 1~5 at random.

Blue Upgrade Gem
Only appears on 5×5 board, collect the specific amounts to upgrade to 6×6 (Level 2).
Red Upgrade Gem
Only appears on 6×6 board, collect the specific amounts to upgrade to 7×7 (Level 3).

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