Understand the function and difference between the Spin and Auto Spin buttons.

When playing PG SLOT games, many factors are needed to win, including talent, money, skill, secrets, skill or luck, as well as having a special six sense to catch the rhythm and know how to spin the wheel. This also includes knowing how to use the Spin and Auto Spin buttons and when to use them. What is the difference between these two buttons? Which button are you more likely to use to win a prize? Today, the voslot website will take you deeper into the differences between the Spin and Auto Spin buttons in order to make a decision for your next slot game.

Spin Button

The Spin button is the button that allows the player to start spinning the reels automatically. Pressing it allows the reels to start spinning automatically and at the end of the game, you must bet again to continue playing. This button also gives you access to progressive jackpots and free spins. Players must re-bet each round until you are satisfied with the winning result or exit the game. Since it is a button that you must press to play the game, you may need to concentrate on playing the game more than usual.

What is the best time to stop the wheel? When should I press the spin button? How many rounds are worth betting on? Voslot is a convenient spin button for online gambling games with a fast and accurate spin feature. You can use it to achieve a rhythm of round stops, determine whether each bet is worthwhile and get a special symbol or free spins! With this widget, you can enjoy gambling games to the fullest.

Auto Spin

Voslot is a new online casino that currently offers three slot games. The platform has an auto-spin button which automatically spins the wheel according to what you have set as “auto”. The Auto Spin button is an autoplay feature that allows players to quickly press a button and spin it automatically until the spin is over or when you press to go out and play another game. This is perfect for busy players as it allows them to play and perform other tasks at the same time. However, the downside of this button is that it only allows you to control the number of rounds you want to spin by clicking on the word “Auto”.


The voslot machine offers two reliable slot machine buttons Spin and Auto Spin. Voslot’s spin button is an alternative to Auto Spin. Deposit your money, press the Spin button and you’re ready to move on to the next spin round. Sometimes this is the best way to play.
The auto spin button allows the player to set the number of spins you want in auto spin. When you are away from your other slot games and want it to be while you are doing your thing, you can think about the unique rules of each game, so check them out before you play.

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