The Basics of Professional Blackjack Players

The card games section in casinos is perhaps one of the most visited by players and bettors. There they can choose between different games, among which blackjack or 21 stands out. This casino game is one of those with the largest number of players in the world; and on the basic principles that they handle we will develop this post. Blackjack has been played in casinos since their origin and is characterized by allowing players to implement a series of strategies; which increase the chances of beating the dealer. Knowing these strategies, as well as the basic principles of the players is of the utmost importance; especially when you’re betting real money on blackjack games. Let’s see then what are the characteristics that professional blackjack players have and the basic principles that govern their game.

Characteristics of a professional blackjack player

As is already known in blackjack the main objective is to try to get 21 points or as close to this amount; without going over the dealer’s cards. The game has a series of rules that apply to both parties. But, beyond compliance with the rules and regulations, there are factors that can determine the chances of victory in this case for the players. These factors are special features that only professional players have; very useful when betting real money on blackjack games.

Among the main characteristics that a professional blackjack player possesses are:

They are people with a high degree of patience and analysis.
In each hand implement betting and game strategies.
Although land-based casinos are penalized for card counting, professional players have the ability to do it in record time.
They don’t play or bet every hand.
They recognize that not every hand will award victory.
Determine the precise moment to withdraw from the game table.
They are constantly getting information about the game and the most effective strategies within it.
They do not violate their own principles.
Basic principles
Top-tier professional blackjack players always stick to basic principles. These principles have been learned and studied throughout their career as professional players.

Its correct application does not guarantee 100% effectiveness in each play; but he keeps the percentages to lose and win in each hand within the optimal levels. Now, what are those basic principles that professional players use when they are betting real money on blackjack games? Let’s see each of them below:

You will always start with the minimum bet: despite being professionals, taking care of your financial assets is among your main objective. Trying to win it all in one hand is considered a fatal mistake at a blackjack table. Understanding that a game like 21 gives good results only with time, patience and dedication is something that only professionals handle. Only place high bets when the hand is favorable: One thing that professional blackjack players maintain is the ability to identify when that moment is right to place a high bet.
The game strategies are tested only in free versions: a professional player when betting real money in blackjack games never puts his money at risk. For this reason, online casinos offer the possibility of playing blackjack for free. In this way, players can test the betting strategies capturing the least effective ones and keeping the best ones. Listen to the dealer: Professional players take the dealer’s suggestions seriously. A clear example of this is when you are advised to take insurance when the player has blackjack because if the dealer also has the same hand, the player will receive a payment that equals his bet and not 3-2 as blackjack is normally canceled.


Being a professional in the game of blackjack is a process that is not achieved quickly; rather, it requires a series of consecutive steps and a learning process. Staying attached to basic principles that over time have brought more success than failure is a vital practice. In the near future, artificial intelligence is expected to help less experienced players improve their technique and thus earn money from the game. Blackjack is one of the casino games that allows players to set different strategies to approach each hand. The fundamental characteristics of the players such as the use of strategies and patience can make the difference between winning or losing. Finally, we must remember that the main motivation we must have to play and bet in a casino is fun, entertainment and recreation.

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