Understanding the value and color of chips in poker games

The voslot poker chips represent the monetary value of the game. Tournament directors, casino hosts, home tournament organizers and players can establish their own chip values. These values will vary according to tournament operators and local community standards. They represent the dollar amounts during play and provide a way to play poker with a common understanding of these amounts.
Each casino, card room and home game host can establish their own poker chip values. These values may vary depending on the tournament operator, casino owner or local poker community standards. The first question a player should ask at a new venue is, “How much are poker chips worth?”

Poker Chip Values

Most poker rooms usually assign the same value to chips: $1, $5, $10, $20 or $25, $100, $500 and $1,000. For higher stakes, there are usually $5,000 and $1,000 chips on hand, with some as high as $25,000 or $100,000.

Chips for home games are usually the same, with the lowest denomination being white, followed by red, blue, green, black, purple (or mauve), yellow, orange and another type of green. Some venues offer pink and various shades of blue.

Poker Chips Color Values: Cash Games and Tournaments

Voslot offers different colors or designs of chips, so players can differentiate between chips used for cash games and tournament buy-ins. All venues will differentiate their poker chip colors for cash games and tournaments. The basic reason for this is that the game chips in cash games are worth the exact value of the chips. While the graphics may vary from venue to venue, the color of each chip set remains constant across all venues to provide a higher level of consistency for our players.

When you play in tournaments, your chips are usually converted to the chips you will use during the tournament. These chips are of a different color and value than the other chips available for cash games, and tournament chips are kept in a very secure location until the tournament begins. Therefore, they cannot be removed from the casino when you leave. In addition, poker players can keep their chips and take them away from the casino as a souvenir.

Tournament chips are strictly the property of the casino establishment.

Different poker chip colors separate the two types of chips. Tournament chips must have a higher denomination and usually carry the name of the tournament or organizer, such as the World Series of Poker or the World Poker Tour.

Value of chips in cash games

A voslot is a tabletop stacked poker chip display that represents the cash value and the color of the poker chips. It helps to eliminate confusion and allows for easier buy-ins at the start of a no limit Texas Hold’em or pot-limit Omaha cash game.
There is no industry standard, but most establishments use the same poker chip color value for at least some denominations, such as a $100 black chip. Other values may vary, especially for higher-value chips.

  • White = $1
  • Red = $5
  • Blue, brown or orange = $10
  • Green = $25
  • Black = $100
  • Purple = $500
  • Yellow, Orange or Gray = $1,000
  • Orange, gray or red/white/blue = $5,000
  • Dark green, dark blue or brown = $25,000
  • Light blue or gray = $100,000

Each state gaming control board (or national gaming regulator outside of the United States) must approve and register most aspects of the poker chips. This includes logos, chip colors, weights, sizes, designs and materials. Each state may have its own requirements and standards.

Removing Colored Chips from the Casino

Some restrictions apply to the removal of cash game chips from the casino. There is usually a time limit on cashing out chips. Due to the time limit, you will usually not be able to redeem chips for collectibles at a later date. The poker room may also periodically change its logo or design to prevent counterfeiting and fraud.

Rectangular Poker Chips

For the highest stakes cash games in the casino, the casino has started using rectangular chips. Clearly different from any poker chips. Their unique design indicates that the stakes are high. High stakes players often prefer to use something other than standard gambling chips. It is no coincidence that the shape of these chips resembles the shape of a banknote.

Family game poker chip color values
The different options for poker chip allocation may be

  • 40 for 20 big blinds (20BB) = 10 $1 chips, 4 $5 chips, 1 $10 chip.
  • 100 for 50BB = 10 $1 chips, 10 $5 chips, 4 $10 chips.
  • 100BB of $200 = ten $1 chips, ten $5 chips, nine $10 chips, two $25 chips.

Tournament poker chip colors and values

Major poker tournaments usually start at $25 (or just $25) for each additional standard blind structure.

  • Green = 25
  • Black = 100
  • Purple or light blue = 500
  • Yellow or gold = 1,000
  • Orange or gray = 5,000
  • Dark green or brown = 25,000
  • Pink or lavender = 100,000
  • Red = 500,000
  • Light yellow = 1,000,000

The higher value professional poker chips only come into play in the later stages of major tournaments, such as the WSOP Main Event.

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