How does the digital variant work in the online poker?

Gambling in Italy has confirmed itself as one of the rapidly growing sectors. In recent years there are many people who for a variety of reasons have approached online casinos, managing to entertain anyone. It is no coincidence that there are many iconic titles that have made the gaming world great, such as roulette, blackjack and Baccarat. Furthermore, slot machines cannot be missing. Online you can find all kinds, such as free slots on, or those inspired by the great films of the history of cinema. However, it must be said that poker has also carved out a great deal of space. The famous card game, whose origin is still unclear, has managed to adapt to the strong cultural and technological changes taking place, setting up a game capable of preserving its strategic and absolutely fun nature. There have been many studies that have confirmed that the spread of the online mode has significantly increased the number of poker players around the world.

How to play
A true icon of online casinos, poker is capable of engaging all types of users. It is certainly not easy to start playing if you are a beginner, you need to know the basic rules in depth to be able to compete with others. The online counterpart of the game is no different from the one used in the real world, you just need a little patience and lots of games to be able to become a professional. When we sit at a green table, whether it’s virtual or not, we start a game turn. In this case you can choose any option available to us. In the episode, the user has four choices:

Call: call, but in this case we intend to “see”. In this case, the player draws the last bet by putting the difference in chips on the pot.

Check: is the opposite of the call, where the player does not place any bets and the next player is passed. In the event that the next player places a bet, then it returns to whoever checked and will no longer be able to fold.

Raise: Raise, that is to place a much higher bet than the one made up to that moment. Once a player raises, the others can decide either to fold, then fold, or to call, that is, to call, going to equalize the bet. All of this, of course, always if you don’t decide to raise once again. The betting round ends when everyone has tied or abandoned the hand.

Fold: in this case, he leaves his hand. The player abandons his hand and puts the cards back into the deck. This solution is used when the cards in possession do not bring any winnings.

The All in
If the cards we have in hand are the right ones, the player can think of playing all the chips he has in one hand. In this case it is called “All in”. It is a very risky choice as in the event of a defeat you will definitely exit the game.

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