Do you know what is the blackjack games? About the famous “21” games

Old traditions such as those related to card games that act as a link between past and present. Poker and blackjack continue to enjoy a certain following even in the modern era, thanks to the improved connectivity. Many of the attractions of Las Vegas still arouse curiosity even today thanks to some details hidden in their historical backgrounds. Not always the most famous games have obtained the aspect for which they are best known from the beginning. Roulette, for example, was invented quite by accident. Blackjack , on the other hand, owes its name even to an old rule that has fallen into disuse. The original name of this French card game is “Vingt-et-un”. The “21” was conceived in France in the seventeenth century, only to expand on a large scale starting from the first half of the twentieth century. Similarly to what happens in 7 and a half, in this game the dealer is challenged in turn in an attempt to score more points, without exceeding the imposed limit of 21, i.e. the maximum score that indicates blackjack, which can be quickly performed with an ace (11 points) and a figure (10 points). The name “blackjack” was later adopted by American players, simply on the basis that through an ace and a jack of spades the final prize would be greater.

The most popular and widespread card game in the world is blackjack. It is so simple that anyone can play it, regardless of age or gender. Its basic rules are almost identical in all versions. This means that if you learn one rule, then you will easily be able to play various versions of blackjack. And thanks to numerous advantages for the player such as the “blackjack” sign, “insurance” and others, playing blackjack is a great entertainment at any casino with live gambling from your electronic device. Blackjack has not been slow to attract the attention of the world of cinema over the course of its history. There have been numerous feature films dedicated to this card game that went from French to almost American. Perhaps not everyone knows that between the 80s and 90s a small group of students of various nationalities who attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology became the protagonists of a very long series of hits at the green table, so much so that their deeds were told in the film ” 21 “. The skill of those young mathematicians lay above all in card counting, a practice totally forbidden if performed publicly, under penalty of exclusion from the game. They know something at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, where Ben Affleck was banned from the table in 2014 on suspicion of cheating. When it comes to cards, not even celebrities enjoy favoritism. But Ben Affleck’s isn’t the only big name in blackjack-related cinema. Dustin Hoffman, lead actor of “Rain Man – The rain man”, was observed for a long time by the crew just to avoid that he was distracted by the game during the filming, which in fact took place in a casino in Las Vegas .

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