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The world of movie themed slots has already aroused a lot of interest with the release of Branded Online Slots and Movie Themed Online Slots. Not only because the digital gambling industry is at the peak of its expansion – and therefore the physical casino has been largely replaced by online – but also because the classic and elegant atmospheres of the casinos of yore have given way. from a real riot of pop culture. From the most famous movies to TV shows, from singers to sports stars, passing through fashion and celebrities: it can be said that almost every popular and mainstream icon has been represented in the world of gambling with themed slot machines and dedicated online games.

The topic slot games

When you design an online slot, you need a theme that attracts. You can choose any theme you like and integrate it into your game. In fact, the theming in fact allows the game to be more engaging and fun. It is not just a graphic gimmick, the theme influences the game right from the concept and determines every aspect of the online slots, such as the symbols, the music and the possible choices of the player. The great success obtained by some titles such as “Jumanji” or “The Godfather” in the best online slots sites, confirm the success of this formula. The ever increasing technological development has also been decisive, because it has led to the creation of online slots that are increasingly realistic and stylistically consistent with the reference theme. In recent years, software houses and slot manufacturers in general have been able to respond to the ever-increasing demands of players, with the result that the market has been flooded with thematic titles. Let’s see what some of the most famous are.

The most popular movie themed slots

Movies are undoubtedly one of the most recurring pop themes in the world of slots. The most famous films are imprinted in the collective imagination and the games that recall them often turn out to be a success. This is certainly the case with voslot, one of the most popular and popular online slots. It is considered one of the best both in terms of graphics and its bonuses. Another great classic – both in the world of cinema and in that of slots – is the unforgettable “Goldfather” played by Al Pacino. Don Corleone and his family are the protagonists of this game with 5 carousels, 40 lines and some unique features that immediately won over players from all over the world, such as a Bonus Wheel that can give free spins and others that increase the possibilities. of winning.

Another one of the most popular themed slot games is “The Lord of the Rings”, which is based on the famous trilogy by Peter Jackson. The protagonists of the film and book such as Frodo and Aragorn are represented in the slot as symbols in the carousels. To make this game different is a special feature, much appreciated by users: In certain moments, suddenly, Gollum appears and turns the game into something fun and allows you to increase your chances of winning. The slot dedicated to the film “Jurassic Park” allows you to immerse the player in the atmosphere of the famous park of cloned dinosaurs. It is a classic video slot with five carousels, but the peculiarity is that there are two symbols. The music that recalls the original one of the film, the very accurate graphics and the special effects present make this slot very fascinating and sophisticated.
Other popular slot titles derived from blockbuster films are, among others:
“King Kong”;
“Tomb Rider”;
“Basic Instinct”;
“Iron Man”;

TV series themed slot

Thanks to the impact they have had on popular culture, even the most famous TV series globally have been chosen to become a theme for slot machines, such as “Sex and the City”,. One of the most popular is the one dedicated to “Games of Thrones” – “Game of Thrones” in Italian – which tries to bring the player into the plot of the series with an impeccable theming. Produced by Microgaming, one of the most important developers in the industry, this slot allows players to choose one of the iconic houses featured in the series: Stark, Targaryen, Lannister or Baratheon.

Slot with music icons

In the “pop culture” a prominent place is occupied by music and it could not be otherwise in the world of slots. In fact, there is no shortage of games dedicated to the most famous and globally known singers and groups, such as:
Elvis Presley;
Michael Jackson;
Ozzy Osbourne;
Elton John;
Jimi Hendrix;
Guns N ‘Roses.

Pop culture in the future of slots

The link between slots and pop culture icons from different sectors has proven to be very important in creating engaging games with a huge following around the world. This bond is bound to be more and more indissoluble in the future, as the development of technology will lead to ever more immersive and fun online games.

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