Asian fun retro game Belangkai

Belangkai game is loved by many players. It is a game with simple gameplay but has become a favorite of many players. The game originated in China and has a long history and has become popular in many countries. Due to the simplicity of adding Belangkai, this game is very popular among new players. Belangkai is not only a game that brings positive emotions, but also promises to make you rich as a person. Are you ready to become a billionaire?

Overall, Belangkai is a very interesting gambling game. Players will not only be entertained by the game, but will also win a lot of money with a minimal amount of game capital. Online casinos are an important part of our lives, providing convenience to Belangkai fans and users. It makes our lives easier. It’s easy and fun. It is a game of skill and insight for players. There are not many rules to learn in this game, but it takes a lot of experience to win a lot in this game.

What is Belangkai?

It is a strategy game. Players mostly use their brains to play this game. Belangkai is a dice game played by two players with 5 dice. After the dice are rolled, players must cover the numbers on the board with their own dice. The game ends when either player wins by covering all 15 numbers on their board with their dice.

Basic rules of Belangkai

Belangkai is a board game that uses a four-sided dice device. Each dice corresponds to an image: flower, fish, shrimp and king crab. The rules are very simple: spin the dice stick and bet on one of the outcomes before time runs out. The person who bets on this result will be the winner. Belangkai is challenging, strategic and fun! Try it now!

Belangkai card game is the most fun, challenging and addictive free card game. Every day there is an interesting new tournament in which you can win and have a chance to earn a lot of money. If a player catches an attractive symbol, then it will win and get double bonuses, which is great.

Bekangkai is now a game that can be played by anyone, anywhere, at any time. All games are super simple. voslot has features that make it easy for players to play belangkai from within the app, such as voice notes, markers and chat features.

How to win while playing Belangkai

Belangkai game is a simple betting game. As with other online casino games, mastering this part of the game will give you more chances to be rewarded and with some basic strategies, you can win every time in Belangkai.

  • Belangkai is a traditional Southeast Asian game where you have to be good at counting, good at estimating, good at being sneaky, or very good at spotting lies. Knowing when to stop at the right time, not being greedy when you win big, and not continuing to play after losing a lot of bets in a row.
  • By helping you avoid playing too long and betting too much, it encourages a frugal lifestyle and helps you avoid overindulgence. Each game includes 16 throws of 2 dice using a standard six-sided dice set to calculate the number of points.
  • Belangkai is fun, exciting and keeps everyone on their toes. Players need to concentrate because when you place a bet, if the bell rings, you lose.
  • Players continue to check the betting history section to see the odds of winning in the door.
  • The player knows the button and the betting box to avoid confusion because the betting time is only 10 seconds and if the time is over, the player must wait for the next bet.


Belangkai is considered to be a very attractive game and is loved by many players. Belangkai game rules are very simple and can be played by people of any age. The attraction of this game is a suspenseful theme. So play this game is very exciting. So in this game, each player needs to practice strategic thinking and players must compete with each other under pressure. However, the strategy of each player depends entirely on his luck.
Belangkai has three main elements: creativity, patience and luck. Players must take turns, roll the right dice, arrange the pieces and hit each other, who will be the final winner? Play now and experience your first game of Belangkai.

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