What you must know about Teen patti variants

Are you a Teen Patti Master? Teen Patti is often compared to poker and its variants, but it actually has more in common with the 3-Kartu Domino game. It is played with 3 cards and is known as 3-card brag in the U.K. The game is popular in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries.

    Learn to play Muflis, a variation of 3 Patti that turns your losses into wins. 3 Patti is very popular in India, so if you’re just starting out and haven’t mastered the art of getting good cards yet, then this variation is perfect for you. Here, even if you lose, you have a chance to beat your opponent with your weak hand!
    Muflis is currently the biggest money-making game in India. Players get together to bet on who has the worst hand, and each game is fun, fast-paced, and easy to play. For example, if you have a strong hand such as AAA and someone else has KKK, his hand is weaker than yours and automatically wins.
  1. BANKO
    Banko is a very popular variant in which you play against the dealer instead of the player. banko works with the dealer, who deals three cards at the beginning of each round. The dealer shows two cards and hides the third. It is the player’s turn to bet to predict where the third card will fall in relation to the two open cards (for example, if they are 2 and 9, their bet is whether the third card falls between them).
    Banko is an Indian card game similar to some variants of the game such as Three Card Poker and Bragg. It is a simple and fun casino game that relies on the player’s ability to predict the outcome of cards that have not yet been revealed. It uses a standard 52-card deck of playing cards. It strikes a good balance between luck and skill and requires strategic decisions to secure a win, while still being aware that the odds are not entirely in your favor.
  1. JOKER
    If there is a variation of 3 Patti that everyone knows and loves, it is definitely Joker. a card is randomly drawn from the shuffled deck and placed as a joker. The dealer can designate all other cards of the same rank, number and strength as the joker, thus making it quite an interesting experience. 3 Patti (Teen Patti) is an Indian poker game also known as “Flush”. It is a game of skill and luck with no betting limits. Just download the free app and start playing!
    In this version of Teen Patti, at the beginning of each round, 3 jokers are randomly drawn from a deck of cards. These act as wild cards and can be used to complete powerful hands. The jokers follow the standard Teen Patti game rules; nothing to worry about!
  1. AK47
    AK47 game style is one of the most unique and interesting variants of Teen Patti. Named after the legendary Russian rifle, all A, K, Fours and Sevens have become wild cards. If you are looking for how to play AK47 Teen Patti, then you have come to the right place. Let’s discuss what makes the AK47 different and how to master this interesting Teen Patti variant.
    If you know the rules of AK47, you can easily play Teen Patti. AK47 is a “rifle” card – three types of players win. It is also called AA-KK-77-44 or TATYA. In addition, the number of jokers in the game is four times higher than Teen Patti. Each joker increases your chances of playing a good hand. Do this and win the big prize!
  2. 999
    3 Patti game is currently one of the most popular variants of Teen Patti, and 999 is a variant where the hand closest to 999 wins. While most of the rules are the same as in standard Teen Patti, all face cards have zero value. Everyone bets on each hand, and each player gets three cards. The dealer flips the cards after the deal. The player with the best hand or the highest hand total, based on regular poker hand rankings, wins. If you have a very low hand or if you don’t want to be too obvious, it’s best to bluff on 3 Patti.
    Play 999 is a fast-paced and addictive card game where you can play against real players and build the best hands. It’s easy to play once you understand its rules. You will enjoy playing with your friends. All you need to know is that the best combination is Aces, Kings and 9s.

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