Our free-to-play online casino offers a 100% rebate on slot losses


There are just a few reasons why a casino might offer 100% rebate. One is they know slot players will lose more often than they win and they can afford to give you your money back after you’ve lost it. If this is the case, you’ll find these promotions at the most popular casinos where thousands of people are playing the slots on any given day. The other reason a casino might offer 100% rebate is they want to lure slot players to come in to gamble even if they don’t win, because of the extras that come with casino visits–like dining, entertaiment, gambling and more. Of course, as a slot player you hope it’s not the latter because this means any refund you get will be sold at an above average price.


Return becomes a big factor when determining which game to play under the loss rebate offer, and things that could give video poker a bigger advantage are if there are games with full-pay tables, or multi-game machines or even separate game stations. If a casino is only offering slot bonus dollars, then the offer becomes much less desirable.

The volatility of this game is very high, and the hit frequency is low. The expected return in the long run is less than 100% but when you hit your loss rebate then the house edge for that session will be negative. The size of the house edge can be adjusted based on your account balance and how many lines you play.


The tool is intended to assist gamblers by providing the optimal bet size and expected returns for a given bet spread. For example, suppose you are given a rebate of $100 after losing up to $300 (for example if getting the maximum refundable deposit on a VOD slot machine). You tune your settings as shown on the left side of the screen grab below, and then try for hours or days to exploit the bonus. If you win less often than expected (or lose more often), it will take longer to reach the finish line.

  • 85% Double Diamond — Max Loss = 800 Units
  • 90% Double Diamond — Max Loss = 800 Units
  • 95% Double Diamond — Max Loss = 800 Units
  • 98% Double Diamond — Max Loss = 800 Units
  • 85% Double Diamond — Max Loss = 400 Units
  • 90% Double Diamond — Max Loss = 400 Units

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