5 classic blackjack myths

If you’ve ever played blackjack, you know it can be a lot of fun. Most people agree blackjack is a more social game than the likes of slots or video poker, and can be a nice change from roulette, craps and baccarat. While there have been some negative things said about the game over the years, here are 5 classic myths that just aren’t so.

  1. All casinos offer blackjack. This is a complete myth; casinos do not have to offer blackjack as a game. It’s up to the casino whether they want to include it or not.
  2. All 21 is a winning hand. If you’ve ever heard this, then you’re probably wondering why people keep playing if there are so many winners in the world of blackjack. The answer is simple: They don’t know how to play properly, and are likely to lose more than they win at the game.
  3. Dealer must hit a soft 17. Some people think this rule is in place as a way to cut down on card counting, but it actually isn’t true. The dealer has no obligation to make this decision at all – it’s completely up to them whether or not they want to hit soft 17s during a hand of blackjack .
  4. Splitting pairs will result in multiple hands with the same value. This one is absolutely false; you only have one hand after you split your pair of cards!
  5. If you hit your hand against a dealer’s ace you will bust more often than not and lose the game. Truth: You have just as good of a chance of busting if you stay on your original hand as if you hold. Less skilled players are more likely to bust because they tend to draw additional cards after they are dealt their initial two cards. This not only increases the odds of busting, but it also increases the overall amount of money they invest in the game during each sitting at the table.

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