Two-player poker game to keep the family and kids company

It is suitable for couples, husband and wife, brothers and sisters to play together. Nowadays, you can’t go out at will, you can only play cell phones at home, and you can’t have much fun, which will separate the relationship between two people in the long run.

Two-player poker is a way for family members or partners to increase their relationship.

Game play:

  1. Each player is dealt 13 cards and the remaining 26 cards are placed face down in the middle.
  2. After receiving the cards, they are divided according to suit
    The order of the biggest to the smallest is spade > heart > diamond > club of clubs.
    The number of points is from A > K > Q > J > 10 > … > 2.
  3. Then the two players start calling to determine the trump card
    The suit that has the most cards and the highest number of points will be called. If it is not particularly strong, you can also call no-trump (NT). You can also pass, which means you accept your opponent’s call. If you do not accept, you can call a different suit.
    The call can start from one, but if the suit called is smaller, you have to add points. For example, if a club is very strong, you can call 1 CLUB, which means 1 club, and the others can call 1 Diamon, 1 Heard, but once 1 Spade is called, the other players have to raise to 2.
    No King is the maximum, once someone calls No King, the next person must add one.
    The base is six, and calling a line means that you have to take seven dice to reach your goal. It is better not to call too much, because when you call 7, you will have to eat all (7+6=13).
    When you can’t add any more, you have to accept your opponent’s trump.
  4. After the call, lift the top card of the remaining pile.
  5. The person who has called out the card first, the first thirteen rounds will be played without trump, meaning that even if there is a card of that suit, another suit can be played, and the other person does not need to follow the same suit, and the two players start to compete for the size of the card.
  6. If there is no trump card, you can play a trump card to eat.
  7. The bigger player takes the opened card, while the smaller player turns over a card from the pile.
  8. Then the next card is turned over… The person with the bigger card is the first to play. It’s the same size contest
  9. The bigger player takes the card… The smaller player draws …….. Repeat until. . 26 cards are all taken
  1. After grabbing the cards, start to follow the general bridge rules

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