Boxing King jili slot game review


Boxing King is a slot game suited for those who enjoy boxing. This slot is powered by JILI software provider and inspired with boxing sports. It has 5 reels and 88 pay-lines, with bonuses like the extra Wilds in the symbol of a boxer, and other features such as the boxing glove Wild substitutes, as well as gamble option.


Play Boxer King slot and you will experience a special boxing atmosphere with amusing and exciting gameplay for any fan of this sport. Much of this game’s entertainment value comes from the fact that it is set in a realistic boxing ring. This creates a sense of realism and authenticity that many other slots lack. It also makes it easy to follow the action and get absorbed into the overall experience.


How To Play:

1.Starting from the first reel, and going “from left to right, if any symbol appears 3 times in a row”, the player wins.

2.Points earned = Multiplier x Player bet.

3.There are 88 paylines in total.

4.Only the payline with the highest score is paid out.

5.If the game cannot be decided due to any error, the game is considered invalid.

Free Game – Combo Multiplier

1.”The combo multiplier” is displayed as x2, x3, x5, x6, and x8.

2.Points won each clear will be multiplied based on the current “combo multiplier”.

3.”The second clear” of each spin has a multiplier starting from x2.

4.Multiplier is increased to x3 for “the third clear” of each spin.

5.Multiplier is increased to x5 for “the fourth clear” of each spin.

6.Multiplier is increased to x6 for “the fifth clear” of each spin.

7.Multiplier is increased to the final x8 for “the sixth or after clear” of each spin.

8.If the player does not win points, the “combo multiplier” resets to x2, and starts the next spin.

Free Game-Free Spin

1.During a free game, if symbols is obtained during the current spin, it will not be cleared, and will remain until no more clears can be made. The player will then win extra free games based on the number of symbols obtained. The number is reset for the next spin.

2.Each reel only has one symbols, for a maximum of 5 total.

3.The number of free spin symbols obtained equals the number of free games won.

  • Free Spinx1 = 1 round
  • Free Spinx2 = 2 rounds
  • Free Spinx3 = 3 rounds
  • Free Spinx4 = 4 rounds
  • Free Spinx5 = 5 rounds


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